Dolphy’s time of death pays off for 2,200 bettors

CEBU CITY – Many were saddened by the Comedy King’s passing, but at least 2,200 individuals in the Visayas and Mindanao could be in the mood for celebration. They won the Suertres Lotto using the time of the actor’s death as their number combination. Veteran comedian Rodolfo “Dolphy” V. Quizon died of multiple organ failure at 8:34 p.m. last Tuesday at the Makati Medical Center. Some 12 hours later, bettors were lining up in lotto outlets, hoping to win the P4,500 prize money for a P10 bet. By 10 a.m. Wednesday, the 834 combination was already sold out. In a phone interview Wednesday afternoon, Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office’s (PCSO) Regional Operations Manager for Visayas Federico Damole confirmed that some 1,000 individuals placed bets for the winning straight combination of 834 for the 11 a.m. draw. Some 1,200 others won P750 for betting on the three numbers in different combinations in the Rambolito Play. Damole downplayed insinuations that the draw of the winning numbers was deliberate, saying the winning combination is drawn in front of representatives of the Commission on Audit (COA) and is taped to be televised Wednesday night. “It’s just a coincidence, na-timing ra gyud na 834 ang nigawas. Naa gyud integrity ang results kay televised man na siya and naa’y taga COA mu-witness ana, so imposible nga naa’y tikas (We can vouch for the integrity of the draw and we have witnesses, so it’s not possible to cheat),” Damole said in a radio dyLA interview. Suertres is a Lotto game where bettors are asked to choose a three-number combination in a range of 000 to 999, or through the “lucky pick”. The bettor wins P4,500 for every P10 bet if he or she gets the three numbers in exact order. Damole said it’s not unusual for significant dates or numbers to be drawn as winning combinations in Suertres. Damole recalled that on Valentine’s Day five years ago, the winning combination was 143, a number associated with “I love you.” During the Edsa Day celebration on February 25 two years ago, the winning combination was 225. “There have been several occasions when a certain combination was sold out, just like what happened today. We call them hot numbers. Most of the time, hot numbers are dates, time or any number that can be associated with special occasions or activities, or sometimes it’s related to Chinese superstition,” he explained. Aside from Suertres Lotto, many bettors of the illegal numbers game masiao went home happy on Wednesday with the same winning combination. Sonia (not her real name) said when she came home from work last Tuesday night, her sister greeted her at the door and broke to her the news that Dolphy had died. When she went inside their room, her son told her the same thing. “Sila gyud duha pareha ug gisulti nako, nga namatay si Dolphy pag 8:34. Mao to ingon ko nga ugma gyud dayon mutaya ko sa masiao sa 834. Unya mao gyud ang nigawas nga numero,” she said. Sonia is not sure, though, when she will get the prize money of P2,000. She learned that the masiao financer in their barangay is still looking for money to give to all the winners, with the prize money for all bettors totaling P500,000. (LCR of Sun.Star Cebu)

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