Don’t discharge dam water during downpour, MCWD urged

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LOCAL officials in Talisay City want to talk to the management of the Metropolitan Cebu Water District (MCWD) over allegations that they allegedly discharged impounded water from their diversion weir in Barangay Jaclupan that reportedly caused the Mananga River to overflow.

City Councilor Danilo “Danny” Caballero, who chairs the council’s committee on disaster resilience, said the alleged discharging of impounded water reportedly caused flooding in some barangays, especially during heavy rains.

But MCWD spokesperson Edna Inocando denied the allegation.

Caballero said local officials have been monitoring rivers and other areas during heavy rains so they can respond quickly when rivers overflow.

Caballero also urged those who live along river banks, especially in Mananga, to leave the area to avoid accidents.

The City, however, will advise residents to leave their houses when the water level rises, he added.

Caballero said he was shocked to see the water level in the Mananga River suddenly rise due to heavy rains in the city’s mountain barangays on Friday, Sept. 9, 2022.

He said that while there is a plan to install an early warning device to monitor the rise of water in the river, the matter is up to the Talisay City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (TCDRRMO) to decide.

Caballero said they are willing to support the decision of the TCDRRMO.

“Ako no sa akong bahin, andam gyud ko mosuporta sa atong disaster team in coordination with Mayor (Gerald Anthony) Samsam Gullas (Jr.). Mas maayo gyud nga duna tay monitoring para pag-sayud nato kon unsa na gyud ka peligro ang sapa nato sa Mananga River. Needed gyud kaayo na siya,” Caballero said.

(I am ready to support our disaster team in coordination with Mayor Samsam Gullas. It is better to have (a) monitoring (device) so that we will be alerted to the danger posed by the Mananga River. That’s really needed.)

Caballero said he already entrusted the tasks of monitoring the water level in the river and asking residents to evacuate when the need arises to the disaster team.

No discharging

Asked for comment, Inocando said their diversion weir in Barangay Jaclupan acts to store water that comes from the Mananga River.

But whenever heavy rains occur, the water collected at the facility eventually overflows and some of it returns to the river, Inocando said.

The Jaclupan Diversion Weir has 15 wells, she said.

Inocando said the mini dam is like a fish pond that collects and stores water from the Mananga River, but during heavy rains, the water overflows and goes back to the river.

“Wala gyud na siya nahitabo sir nga nag-release mi og tubig kay nagkinahanglan man gyud mi og tubig. Ang kana siya natural lang gyud na siya nga mo-overflow na siya kay weir man na siya. Kanang weir gibabag na siya sa sapa ba para pag-contain sa tubig nga mo-flow, mosulod ngadto sa among mga ponds. Og dako na gani ang tubig, mo overflow naman na siya sa sapa ra gihapon paingon mo subay,” Inocando said.

(We don’t release water because we need it. The weir naturally overflows when it’s full. The weir was installed to divert water into the ponds. Excess water will go back to the river.)

Inocando said the weir in Jaclupan helps reduce the risk it poses to residents, as it alters the flow of water.