‘Don’t just rely on luck; work hard’

AS THE year of the Metal-Water Rat enters, BaZi and Feng Shui expert Master Judith Eugenio says that an individual’s animal sign has nothing to do with luck.

Eugenio shared a bit of her expertise on SunStar’s online segment “QuickTalk” with Nicko Tubo on Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2020.

Every year, the animal sign and element change. For years, people have been basing their “luck” on their Chinese zodiac sign.

However, knowing one’s birth element on the day they were born instead of the year is not common.

There are 10 elements in the Chinese Zodiac: the wood, fire, earth, metal, and water elements that each have a Yin and a Yang classification.

According to Eugenio, the point of reference for one’s luck is not the birth year animal sign, but the birth day element of the animal sign.

Eugenio said there are three factors of human success and failure to know about. Once all three factors align, success is guaranteed for the individual.

First is the BaZi or the heaven luck. For one to be evaluated according to his BaZi, the master must know the birth date and birth time.

BaZi reading can tell when and what luck can arrive based on a person’s birth date and birth time. It can also recommend a favorable career or business to venture into for the year, and when money may come and go.

The Second is the Feng Shui or the earth luck. The Feng Shui, literally “Wind Water,” is about the environment, which can refer to the home or the workplace.

There is a common misconception that Feng Shui is about colors, plants, house numbers, bagua, gemstones, or numbers of stair steps, she mentioned.

Eugenio specified that the “chi” or energy comes from the “mountain,” goes down, and is captured by the water.

This energy travels on a straight line and meandering the energy is up to one’s decision. However, this energy should go smoothly as it descends the “mountain.”

Feng Shui is knowing how the energy works and where it is coming from; otherwise, it would just be missed opportunities.

The last is the man luck, which is about taking action to achieve success or attain positive luck.

If the first two factors align, opportunities follow.

However, if the opportunities already came and the person was not healthy, was lazy, or was oblivious to the chance, and was not able to take action, then the opportunities are just wasted.

Eugenio added that hard work is one way to pave the way to success, but hard work coupled with having knowledge of the three factors would shorten the journey to success. (RGT)