Don Vicente Sotto’s birth anniversary commemorated

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NOT to tarnish the reputation of the late press freedom champion Don Vicente Sotto.

This was the aspiration of the late Cebuano legislator’s grandson Senate President and vice presidential candidate Vicente “Tito” Sotto III, who said filling the “big shoes” of his grandfather was never his goal.

“His legacy and aspirations have been a guiding light for me to continue what he had fought for,” said Sotto.

Sotto joined Cebuanos in commemorating the 145th birth anniversary of Don Vicente on Monday, April 18, 2022, at the Rizal Memorial Library and Museum in Cebu City. He graced the event together with Cebu City Vice Mayor Donaldo “Dondon” Hontiveros.

Sotto recalled the contribution of his grandfather in shaping the rich history of Cebu and the entire country through his deeds as a freedom fighter, lawyer, revolutionary, playwright, legislator and publicist.

He highlighted the importance of Republic Act (RA) 53, which was authored by Don Vicente in 1946 to protect the rights of journalists.

RA 53 or the “Sotto Law” is an act that exempts the publisher, editor or reporter of any publication from revealing the source of published news or information obtained in confidence.

“This landmark piece of legislation allowed journalists to write and report freely without fear of being forced to divulge their sources,” said Sotto.

Now that new forms of media have emerged, Sotto said he authored RA 11458 in 2019 to expand the coverage of RA 53 to broadcast and electronic mass media.

Sotto expressed his gratitude to the Cebuanos who gave their time in commemorating the life of Don Vicente who had dedicated his life to the right to information and the freedom of the press.

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