Donnalyn Bartolome’s ‘kanto-style’ birthday party earns raves

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Fans are loving singer-actress’ Donnalyn Bartolome’s kanto-style (street-style) birthday party that ticked all the boxes for your usual Filipino streetside celebration — roadside karaoke, monobloc chairs and tables, tutong (burnt rice) instead of a birthday cake, and even a jeepney that hauled guests to the venue.

The celebrity chronicled all the details of her quirky birthday celebration on her YouTube vlog, that quickly racked up over 3.5 million views since it was posted Thursday.

Vloggers and celebrities such as Ella Cruz, Andre Paras, Richard Juan, Mikee Quintos, and Paul Salas were among the relatively intimate guest list.

Donnalyn said that her birthday theme was a way for her to relive a particular experience in her life when she was starting out as a singer and actress.

“The simplest yet happiest birthday I’ve had. My kanto birthday party is not just a concept, this was my life when I left home abroad where my life was comfortable… but you won’t be able to reach your dreams by being comfortable. That’s why when I left home to work here in the Philippines, I wasn’t expecting, even though it was difficult, that it would be one of my life’s adventures I would never forget,” the singer wrote on Facebook.

“This is the kind of birthday I want to see, usually celebrities’ birthdays are so fancy,” one user commented.

“This is a reminder that celebrities are also human and they had once come from nothing and worked hard to achieve what they have today,” another said.