Donnie Yen doesn't want to play a villain anymore

7 Sep - Although he is playing Hong Kong's famous baddie, Crippled Ho in the new movie, "Chasing the Dragon", actor Donnie Yen stated that he will not play such a role again in the future.

As reported on Epoch Times, the actor, who sat down for an interview to promote the new movie recently, shared that it took him months before he finally accepted Wong Jing's offer to play the role due to the villainous nature of the character.

"The role seriously affected me. Every day I would go home and look into the mirror to cleanse my state of mind. And then I will get into character again every morning. I was living two different lives for several months," he said.

Donnie admitted that he only hopes to spread positivity through his acting, which is why playing a villain will just be a one-time thing.

"I am a father. What would my children and their friends say? I don't want children to watch this movie. I don't want them to learn anything bad from my character," he added.

When it was mentioned that he played a baddie in the 1992 movie, "New Dragon Gate Inn", Donnie said that he doesn't think his role in the movie is a solid antagonist like Crippled Ho, who is a real person.

"[Crippled Ho] is a difficult role to play. I have never played a drug lord before. This is the only time I will play such a role," he added.

This isn't the first time Donnie had mentioned his disinterest in playing villainous roles. Back in 2014 when he did "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny", Donnie stated that he would only portray roles that will send a positive message to the society.

(Photo Source: Donnie Yen Facebook)

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