Donut Drama: Netizens slam woman for saying shoppers are wasting their time queuing for donut promo

Never tell a Filipino that he’s wasting his time shopping for food he likes.

A woman is now being widely lambasted on Facebook after writing a post that insinuates that people are wasting their time queuing for a donut promo.

Public relations manager Karla Singson wrote the controversial post late last week.

“Who else thinks their time is only worth buy 1 take 1 donuts?” she wrote, with a laughing emoji.

Singson added: “Remember, you can always afford donuts. You can always make more money. But you can’t make more time. Change your mindset, change your life.”

Her post comes with a photo taken by photographer RJ Monsod showing a long line of people queuing outside a J.Co store in SM Davao City on Thursday last week. Under the promo, customers can buy two boxes of donuts for PHP500 (US$9.49) instead of the usual price of PHP650 (US$12.34).

Singson’s post drew condemnation from many people, who found her tone condescending and elitist. A few said she’ll never understand why people are spending their time lining up because she’s privileged and could afford to buy donuts at their regular price.

Her post drew so many reactions that it became viral and has been shared almost 23,000 times.

Many netizens said that Singson shouldn’t care how people want to live their lives and thought her message was tone-deaf.

Facebook user Clara Bayani told her to stop being so judgmental.

Photo: Singson’s Facebook account

Sheba Adlawan pointed out that people have different ways of spending their time but whichever way they choose is worth it if it brings them happiness.

“If [achieving] happiness [means] buying two [boxes of donuts] for the price of one to feed more members of the family, then yes, it [lining up] is worth their time,” she said.

Photo: Singson’s Facebook account

One netizen using the name Kris Closette called the poster insensitive and arrogant.

Photo: Singson’s Facebook account

One person, however, said she wasn’t offended by what Singson wrote. “I don’t know, but I’m not offended by her post. I’m actually more inspired to use my time in a more productive way and make my skills more valuable,” wrote Danette Geonzon.

Photo: Singson’s Facebook account

In an e-mail interview with Coconuts Manila, Singson said she doesn’t plan to make a public apology, something that several netizens have asked her to do. She maintains that she wanted to teach people a lesson.

“I won’t lie, I thought about it many times. [But I won’t apologize] because I have a bigger mission of teaching people [on] how to be more mentally resilient,” she said.

“I had a good intention, it had a good message, I was trying to help…I will not apologize for that.”

When she posted the photo and the caption, Singson said she wanted to “give people a different perspective on time management and self-image.”

She defended herself, saying: “It was an innocent motivational post, just like all the other posts in (sic) my page, posts I’ve been doing for years,” she said.

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