DoorDash driver accidentally 'traps' customer in his house: 'You're on your own'

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A TikToker shared his predicament after DoorDash left his iced coffee inches from his front door.

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Alex Bradshaw (@slopshaw) filmed the situation, showing that he could not open his door far enough to grab the coffee without risking knocking over the newly purchased beverage — effectively “trapping” him inside his house.

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“Thanks for the coffee, Doordash,” he captioned the video. He later added, “I do some DoorDash driving from time to time, [so] I can criticize.”

Bradshaw took to the comments of his video — which has since racked up almost 3 million views — to further explain how he’s stuck in the house.

“Thank you all for the continued suggestion of using my nonexistent back door to retrieve the coffee I ordered,” he wrote. “Greatly appreciated.”

He also broke down his DoorDash order, as some people seemed confused as to why he would order a coffee through the platform.

“Because it’s coming up a lot, I tipped $3.50 on an $11 order for an iced coffee and bagel,” he explained. “I ran out of coffee and was busy working my remote full-time job + my own business [that] I have been getting off the ground.”

Although Bradshaw never explained how he eventually got his coffee, he posted a series of follow-up videos when it happened to him again.

To try out other methods of retrieving the coffee, Bradshaw even had a friend place a coffee in front of his door to see if his arm could reach around and grab it.

Days later, he tried to slide the carpet to the left to retrieve the coffee, which ended up spilling all over his doormat.

After Bradshaw posted the fourth video, viewers were frustrated with his tactics at grabbing the coffee.

“At this point, you’re on your own, man,” someone wrote.

“You deserve your coffee getting spilled,” another added.

“I literally want to rip my hair out every time I see your videos,” a commenter said.

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