Doubly entertaining: Instagrammable spots at SM Seaside

Monica R. Lopez

FOUND side-to-side are two spots located in SM Seaside City Cebu made for those seeking adventure and those opting for something more laid back: Virtual World and Colour Museum—the best of both worlds.

Stepping foot into Color Museum, one can expect colors bursting at the seams. Truly a feast for the eyes, every corner is spruced up not just with colors but with different themes too. Those looking to spice up their photos with vibrant backdrops can expect a lot of variety to choose from. Take a dip at its ball pit, be surrounded by sundae cones for light fixtures, pose with Pink Panther or by the rainbow area—there’s a lot to choose from. More than stepping up one’s Instagram game, Colour Museum was created with the intention for the patrons to fully appreciate the art of colors.

Next door is Virtual World, made for those looking to amp up one’s day with a series of games one can enjoy with friends and family. Players can choose to play one game, three, six or as many games as they want to play depending on the package they’re getting.

It has nine games to choose from and loaded with thrilling, heart-pumping choices like the zombie cage, car racing, the six-seater virtual reality machine and the laser maze. Virtual World promises its guests not only to be entertained but to experience a different kind of leisurely activity that everyone can get into.

Colour Museum and Virtual World are both located at the second floor, Seaview Wing of SM Seaside City Cebu.