Doughnuts for days

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If there is one treat that delights all ages at any time of the day, it’s the doughnut: the soft, sweet treat that’s perfect to pair with one’s morning coffee, share with colleagues in work meetings, or bond over at home.

Brick Lane Doughnuts continues to surge in popularity since it first launched in 2019, so much so that it has opened its second branch in Oakridge Business Park to be nearer to customers living towards the north.

What keeps Brick Lane’s customers coming back for more is the freshness of their doughnuts with flavors found only at Brick Lane. Small batches are baked by hand early each morning using quality ingredients.

Triathlete-slash-doughnut enthusiast Andre Suarez, the owner of Brick Lane, has tasted doughnuts all over the world, and was inspired by Brick Lane in London’s East End. Many of Brick Lane’s doughnut flavors are unique to Brick Lane, in flavor and in name. John Lemon has a lemony tang topped with chia seeds, and the Michael Jackson doughnut is filled with chocolate cream and topped with chocolate savings.

Other unique flavors include s’mores, blueberry cheesecake, ube glazed and filled, and classic coco-ube filled with ube and coconut cream. Customers also love the Cereal Ring with its chocolate frosting and crispy cereal topping, Cheddar Milk, Nutella Marble, and the pink Springfield, which looks exactly like Homer Simpson’s favorite.

Brick Lane Doughnuts is open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. in Oakridge Business Park and Vibo Place, Escario St. The second floor of the Oakridge branch will soon be open for more space to dine in, work, and hold small events.

For those who prefer to have these freshly baked doughnuts delivered to the safety of their homes, order through, Grab Food or Foodpanda. Keep up with the latest from Brick Lane and be the first to know about promos and freebies on Instagram or visit

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