Dozens of tourists' cars stranded on beach flooded by Storm Danas in the Philippines

Drivers had a nasty surprise after leaving their cars parked on a beachfront as they were half-submerged in flood water.

The vehicles were hit by overflowing seawater after storm Danas battered the Philippines today (July 17).

Tourists had left their cars overnight in a car park in front of the beach on the island of Boracay, around 200 miles south of capital Manila.

But by morning, water from rough seas and strong waves, as well as heavy rain and wind, had caused the car park to flood and damaged the vehicles.

The astonishing scene was captured by Joy Uy from a home overlooking the ocean. She said: ''The cars were owned by tourists visiting the island. They left their cars at the Caticlan Jetty Port.

''Some of the vehicles were recovered but many were still left. I'm not sure what happened later, because it started to rain harder and I had to leave. It was heartbreaking to see and I feel sorry for the owners.''

Tropical storm Danas made landfall in the early hours of the morning in the northern and central parts of the Philippines.

The tropical storm has maximum winds of up to 65 kph near the center and gusts of up to 80 kph. It is expected to exit the Philippine on Friday morning.