Dr. Lorna Amor on the intersection of painting and dentistry

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SHE'S known as one of Cebu’s most esteemed cosmetic dentists—the woman behind the brilliant smiles of Cebuanos—but unbeknownst to many, Dr. Lorna Amor is also a talented painter.

At first, it seems like a surprise considering how unrelated the two disciplines are. But actually, they aren’t that different, as proven by the prolific dentist.

The daughter of an esteemed dentist, Dr. Lorna followed in her mother’s footsteps, albeit reluctantly. It wasn’t the career she initially aspired to, but nevertheless, she pursued the path and poured her heart into the craft. Decades later, she’s built a lucrative career and amassed an impressive roster of clients, from local personalities to beauty queens.

This goes without saying, but the journey was not easy. Challenging cases and difficult patients put her capabilities and patience to the test.

But you know what they say, pressure makes diamonds.

“I had a grumpy patient who came in for veneers. I had my apprehensions because of her negative attitude. When I showed her new smile immediately after the procedure, she was crying tears of joy and hugged to thank me. I cried with her. She was smiling as she left the clinic,” Dr. Lorna recalled one of her most memorable (and emotional) moments in the clinic.

A lot of cases like veneers take time and require meticulous handiwork, but every painstaking second is worth it when she sees how happy her patients are with their transformed smiles.

“Every procedure I take is like a work of art. My patients are my beautiful canvases,” she said.

Growing up, she’s always been enamored with art. Ever since she picked up a brush for the first time, she’s accumulated quite a body of work. Her current favorite is called “Flow,” a painting of a dancing lady using leftover paint on a dress. She considers all of her paintings personal, each one reflective of her life experiences and state of mind.

Dr. Lorna believes her love for painting gives her a slight advantage in her profession.

Contrary to popular belief, dentistry isn’t merely skill and precision. According to her, it’s also like making a painting, from the intricacy of lines and curves to the selection of colors and shading. Not only should it be well-constructed, it should also be beautiful and look natural on the client.

Whether she’s drawing strokes on canvas or constructing a brand new smile, Dr. Lorna’s dedication is evident in both. More than just the necessary experience and lightness of hand, she has the genuine passion and humility that makes her work a cut above the rest. S

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