Dr. Lorna Amor: Unwavering determination, priceless smiles

Christian Jay B. Quilo
·2 min read

GROWING up, people have their sights set on one thing, only for life to take them on another path. Such was the case of one of Cebu’s most esteemed cosmetic dentists, Dr. Lorna Amor.

She wanted to become an architect or an interior designer at first, but alas, fate had other plans. Lorna, the youngest in the family, would be the one to carry on the legacy of her mother’s established career in dentistry.

Over 25 years later, Dr. Lorna has become a well-respected professional in her field, her name becoming synonymous with the brightest smiles of Cebuanos.

The doctor is out

When she’s not transforming the smiles of her clients, she’s sweating it out by competing in triathlons. “I fell in love with it for the excitement and thrill it gives,” she said.

Pre-pandemic, she regularly competed in triathlons (the famous Ironman 70.3 included). For now, with public sporting events currently disallowed, she’s staying fit and conditioned with cycling.

An artistic inclination

One of her other passions is oil painting. Creating works of art that convey emotions is yet another outlet of Lorna. While it may seem like an entirely different discipline, the art of oil painting actually complements Lorna’s skills as a dentist.

“It is also a way of maintaining dexterity for a light hand touch when doing cosmetic dentistry procedures such as veneers.”

She who perseveres

Lorna recalls one patient she had early in her career as a dentist. “I had one patient who was reluctant to have his tooth removed by me because I was female and my arms, as he said, were so thin.” Needless to say, she proved him otherwise, and he’s been a loyal client ever since. As of writing, Amor does rounds in six clinics, located in major malls in Cebu City as well as Cagayan de Oro, on top of her namesake clinic. Over the years, she’s also given back to the community, holding free dental clinics and giving smile makeovers for free to lucky recipients.

For the future dentists

According to Amor, it’s all about continuous learning. Although she’s been in practice for almost three decades, she continues to attend seminars and training sessions to better her craft. Her advice to the young breed of women intent on pursuing dentistry: “Toughen up. Be ready to spend blood, sweat and tears. Like all other jobs, dentistry is not easy. It is a very unglamorous job, but it gives rewards of beauty and confidence.”

When faced with doubt and adversity, which is inevitable in any career, Lorna advises to always circle back to one’s purpose and hold on to it.