Drag performers hit the ice in San Francisco

Location: San Francisco, California


"Seeing people's faces when I stop spinning in one of the corners and they're like looking at me, and they're like 'Oh my God, did she just did that right in front of me?' I'm like yes, I just fell in front of you."

This is the 12th annual ‘Drag Queens on Ice’ event

Performers donned their skates to dazzle hundreds of spectators

MICHELLE LAZARD, SAN FRANCISCO REALTOR, SAYING: "I love Drag Queens on Ice. It's amazing. I'm glad it gets put on every year. And my niece is here from Nebraska and she has never seen Drag Queens on Ice, and what do you think?"

NIECE: "I love it."

LAZARD: "Alright, because it's amazing."

Paju Munro has been performing in drag for more than 15 years

PAJU MUNRO, SAN FRANCISCO-BASED DRAG QUEEN, SAYING: "The first two years I was so focused. 'Oh I need to land a double-jump. I need to do a spin. If I don't do it, I'm not good enough.' But at the end of the day, it's called 'Drag Queens on Ice', and not 'pro skaters dressing in drag'. People come here. They're expecting us to be funny, to fall. Nobody's expecting you to come in and do a triple axel and I mean if you can, kudos to you. It's the entertainment. After the year and a half that we just had, this is must needed."

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