Dream of becoming dentist inspires topnotcher from Ormoc

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VON Chingkee Ramson Ragasa, 23, has always been dreaming of becoming a dentist since she was a little girl.

Ragasa, a graduate of the Cebu Doctors’ University, eventually made that dream a reality when she ranked ninth in the May 2022 Dentistry Licensure Examination.

Ragasa was the only graduate from a Cebu-based school who topped the yearly licensure exams.

Despite her success, Ragasa shared to SunStar Cebu that she had experienced a lot of ups and downs throughout her journey, but she never gave up until she achieved her goal.

Ragasa, who hails from Ormoc City, Leyte, is the daughter of a physician and a sales manager.

Her mother initially wanted her to take up a music course in college but her dream of becoming a dentist never wavered.

“I have not enrolled in dentistry right away. My first course was BS Music because my mom wanted it. But deep in my heart, I knew I wanted to be a dentist. So, I asked permission from my mom to shift to Dentistry and come to Cebu. Good thing she supported my decision,” Ragasa said.

Since then, Ragasa never wavered in her decision, and often citing it as her motivation while studying dentistry until she finally graduated in August of 2021.

After graduating, another hurdle that she needed to overcome was reviewing for the licensure examinations. With the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic still raging at that time, Ragasa admitted that reviewing for the exam at that time was difficult but allowed her to develop self-discipline.

“I had to review alone with no friends, and that was hard. They are one of my coping mechanisms. The review was online because of the pandemic. So, there were times that I became distracted from not studying.”

“From then on, I learned to value the worth of self-discipline that I had practiced since I was young. I always think of what I sow; then I will reap,” she added.

After the exams, Ragasa admitted she felt anxious and feared that she might not make the cut.

When her friends told her that she not only passed but was part of the topnotchers, Ragasa said she couldn’t help but cry in happiness.

Now that she is a licensed dentist, Ragasa plans to go on a short break and spend more time with her family.

Her next step is to work as an associate dentist and soon open a clinic of her own, both in Cebu and in Ormoc.

She advised aspiring dentists like her to pursue what they really want and focus on making a strong foundation on how to achieve it.

“Chasing our dreams isn’t always an easy road. There will be difficulties and bumps along the way. Through it, we will grow as an individual and develop our character,” Ragasa added.

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