Drifting Filipino couple dramatically saved from typhoon floods

Neighbors saved a couple who was carried away by floods while crossing a river during typhoon In-fa in the Philippines. Dramatic footage shows frantic residents rushing to pull a man and his wife as they drifted onto the river in Mindoro province on July 23. The volunteers used a rope tied to an empty water container to pull the couple onto the banks. Another man was seen being washed away behind them but he was able to swim to safety. Onlooker Ronald Manglicmot said: "Our area is inaccessible so it is difficult for emergency rescuers to reach us here. So we are the only ones who could help each other in times of need." Typhoon In-fa, locally named Fabian, caused devastation across parts of the Philippines where homes were flooded, thousands of people were evacuated, and agricultural land and crops were destroyed. The storm slowly headed to the East China Sea but continued to intensify with the monsoon maintaining heavy downpours across Luzon Island. Dozens of people were later killed when the typhoon struck China, where it caused severe floods.

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