Drivers liable for protocol violations inside PUVs

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THE Cebu City Transportation Office (CCTO) will begin to issue citation tickets to public utility vehicles (PUV) drivers found violating the city’s quarantine protocols.

CCTO information officer Paul Gotiong said the apprehensions will begin either this weekend or next week.

Gotiong said the City Legal Office and the City Treasurer’s Office have authorized CCTO personnel to issue citation tickets to protocol violators under Ordinance No. 2628.

Gotiong said prior to this clarification, the CCTO only warned PUV drivers found violating the rules on physical distancing and the proper wearing of masks and face shields among their passengers.

A fine of P1,500 for the first offense, P3,500 for the second offense, P5,000 for the third offense, will be imposed on violators.

Aside from the citation tickets issued to the erring PUV drivers, their unit will be impounded following the protocol violation and their Balik Pasada Program ID will be revoked, if upon apprehension, the PUV drivers fail to show their vehicle registration and driver’s license.

Meanwhile, erring passengers will be brought to the nearest holding center for a briefing on health and safety protocols.

In the case of minors, the parents will be held liable and must pay the fines stipulated in the ordinance.

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