Drone Captures Preying Seal Piercing Through Dense School of Fish

Nicholas Holton, a drone operator based in the Sydney coastal suburb of Bronte, captured incredible overhead footage showing the work a seal had to put in for its dinner as it hunted for food within a large school of fish.

The seal can be seen piercing through the fish, in the footage shot on June 25, as the school changes en masse into various shapes to evade capture.

“I had originally thought this was a sea lion, but I now believe it is a seal,” Holton told Storyful. According to JervisBayWild.com.au, “seals are better adapted to movement in the water, and their bodies are more rounded” when compared against sea lions.

Holton, who regularly takes videos focusing on his local coastline, added that the area is “full of marvels and teeming with marine life.” Credit: Nicholas Holton via Storyful