Dubai-based café settles down on Cebuano shores

·1 min read

ONE can never go wrong with a nice cup of joe and the ocean breeze kissing their skin.

Cebuanos don’t have to look any further because Luminous Espresso Industry is now open in Il Corso for them to experience and enjoy. The Dubai-based café opened its doors on July 2 and has since provided great coffee with great ambiance.

With a beautiful and serene ocean view coupled with the café’s “leafy” ambiance, customers are sure to enjoy their time with family and friends. Luminous Espresso Industry’s stellar menu serves a variety of meals and drinks that are enjoyable to both children and adults.

One of the specials offered by the café are brightly colored milk drinks sprinkled with goodies such as sour strips, wafer sticks and other toppings. Whether customers are in the mood for pizza, pasta, pancakes, or parfaits, the café is sure to fulfill all cravings and satisfy the taste buds.

Celebrate little and big wins; reward yourself with a treat or two because Luminous Espresso takes the coffee-and-food experience to the next level. Don’t miss out on any of the delicious dishes and beverages it has in store because it’s certainly a must-stop for Cebuanos.

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