Dumanjug mayor asks DOH for more vaccines

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DUMANJUG Mayor Guntrano “Gungun” Gica is urging the Department of Health (DOH) Central Office in Manila to provide his town with more Covid-19 vaccines.

Gica said as Covid-19 cases continue to rise in Cebu and the rest of the country, so does the demand for vaccines of his constituents who wish to get vaccinated as a way to protect themselves from getting infected.

He said eligible residents at the National Capital Region (NCR) and the rest of Luzon are enjoying “unlimited” vaccine supplies while some are refusing to get themselves vaccinated.

Gica said he hopes that the DOH would extend more of its available vaccine supply to his town especially now that more of his constituents are interested to get themselves inoculated.

“Everywhere you go in the Philippines, cases are increasing, especially in Luzon and the Visayas. I think there are still more vaccine doses that they can give to us because they have fewer vaccinees left there,” Gica told SunStar Cebu.

Gica said while most of his constituents in Dumanjug are interested to get vaccinated, vaccine supplies are limited as of this time.

He said their Municipal Health Office has administered the vaccine to only less than five percent of the total target population in their vaccination rollout.

Gica said their town received less than 5,000 total doses of vaccines.

“Sadly, it’s not enough. We understand that the DOH is trying to distribute the doses to all cities and provinces. I can’t help but notice though that in Luzon, they have unlimited vaccine supply, but in the province especially in small towns like ours, it’s very limited,” Gica said.

Gica hopes that there will be enough vaccine supplies allocated for the smaller towns like Dumanjug whose residents are interested in getting vaccinated.

However, Gica also considered that the NCR is more populated than Cebu Province and that could be the reason that the DOH allocated more vaccine supplies for Luzon.

“Now would have been an opportune time as the residents are willing to get vaccinated. Everyone wants to get vaccinated especially now that cases are rising, but it’s like they are being deprived of the vaccine,” he said.

However, Gica said Covid-19 cases in his town remain manageable.

Dumanjug has a 16-bedroom air-conditioned isolation facility, and the municipality also prepared the evacuation center as another isolation facility.

Gica said asymptomatic positive individuals were isolated in their homes together with their direct contacts.

Gica also confirmed that those individuals who succumbed to Covid-19 were not vaccinated.

As of Aug. 30, Dumanjug logged a total of 337 Covid-19 cases, of whom 50 were active cases, 266 recoveries and 22 deaths.

In June, Visayas Covid-19 Vaccination Operations Center spokesperson Dr. Mary Jean Loreche said she understands the request for more Covid-19 vaccines and the worry of the local government units (LGUs) that the momentum for vaccination may get affected when there is not enough supply.

However, she reiterated that the issue on vaccination is also affected by the vaccination supply, the master list compliance and the preparedness of the vaccination sites of the LGUs.

She said Central Visayas is dependent on the availability and allocation from the national government.

Dr. Jaime Bernadas, DOH 7 director, also said the allocations for the municipalities are sub-allocated by their respective provinces. (MVE)

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