Duterte Criticizes Attacks on Civilians in Ukraine

Outgoing Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on May 23 criticized the killing of civilians in Ukraine, describing Russia’s invasion as “a war against a sovereign nation”.

In a televised speech broadcast Monday, Duterte urged Russian president Vladimir Putin to rein in his soldiers in Ukraine who he said were “out of control, killing,” according to a translation of his remarks by Rappler.

“I would ask Putin to hear me because President Putin you are in control of everything,” he said in English, while going on to describe the Russian president as a “friend” .

Addressing the Russian embassy, he said there was a “moral obligation” to protect innocent civilians, children, and the elderly.

Duterte also criticized the invasion, saying the move was “not a special military operation” but “a war against a sovereign nation.”

“You have to solve the war between Ukraine and Russia before we can talk of even returning to normalcy," he said in relation to rising oil and gas prices. Credit: Radio Television Malacanang via Storyful

Video Transcript

RODRIGO DUTERTE: And we have to solve the war between Ukraine and Russia before we can talk of even returning to normalcy. So [INAUDIBLE]. It's a bleak picture, because [SPEAKING FILIPINO]

But the way they're handling the war every day, [SPEAKING FILIPINO] You know, I would ask Putin to hear me, because President Putin, [SPEAKING FILIPINO] you are in control of everything. In a way, you really started the roller coaster. [SPEAKING FILIPINO] The killing-- soldiers [SPEAKING FILIPINO] to fight in case there is a war, which is really the reality, now. It's not a special military operation.

[SPEAKING FILIPINO] But actually, it is really waging a war against a nation, a sovereign nation. [SPEAKING FILIPINO]

So your embassy in Russia, [SPEAKING FILIPINO] I am not picking a quarrel with anybody. I said Putin is a friend of mine. But [SPEAKING FILIPINO] it is your moral obligation to see to it, now, the civilians, the innocent ones, children, [SPEAKING FILIPINO] elderly,

[SPEAKING FILIPINO] Maybe they just locked the door and pray to God that it will be a passing episodes. [SPEAKING FILIPINO]

I just want to air my sentiment, and I'm sure also the sentiment of everybody here, what's going on [INAUDIBLE] say Secretary Lorenzana, [INAUDIBLE] and you're coming from the military. [SPEAKING FILIPINO]

Protect the innocent. The civilians. [SPEAKING FILIPINO]

In the name of humanity. [SPEAKING FILIPINO] Except that and they're not in practice here. It's not the more that we wage a war. [SPEAKING FILIPINO] It's evolving and still

[SPEAKING FILIPINO] Or at least [SPEAKING FILIPINO] civilians. Give them a warning to vacate the place where they are, so that they can go to safer grounds. [SPEAKING FILIPINO]

I am not condemning President Putin. I am just sharing my sentiment, which is also the sentiment of every human being. [SPEAKING FILIPINO] It's not the way how to fight the war.

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