Duterte’s ‘special assistant’ lambasted for asking critics what they have done for the PH

Filipino netizens are insulted by an incendiary remark made over the weekend by a high-ranking government official. But this time, it was not said by President Rodrigo Duterte.

Christopher “Bong” Go, Duterte’s “special assistant,” was interviewed on Saturday where he lambasted his and the president’s critics. In a mix of English and Filipino, he said: “My question to my and the president’s critics, what have you done, how have you helped other Filipinos? Please answer. All you do is talk.”

This did not sit well with former solicitor general Florin Hilbay, one of the president’s most vocal critics.

Hilbay, the lawyer of Duterte’s nemesis Senator Leila de Lima, answered: “Taught constitutional law in UP [University of the Philippines] for 15 years; worked w/ Sen. [Jovito] Salonga on anti-corruption & judicial oversight; defended the RH [Reproductive Health] law in the Supreme Court; secured 71 Billion in coconut levy funds for farmers; served as counsel for the Republic in Phils vs. China. I’m just answering your question.”

Lawyer Mel Sta. Maria, the dean of Far Eastern University’s law school, was also having none of Go’s comment.

He wrote in a mix of Filipino and English: “Mr. Bong Go, with regards to your question on what people or critics have done for the country, I have answered this already, I will repeat it. Read it and understand it.”

He added: “We have our own respective ROLES in this society and whenever we do our best to make society work and the economy run, whatever and however done — no matter how small — we are already WORKING for the country and helping solve its problems in our own limited way.”

Netizens on Twitter are not very happy either. Referring to Go’s love for taking selfies, user @zodylogan wrote: “[W]ell, we pay you to take selfies with the president, and im not even sure if that counts as helping the country.”

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@barnabychuck answered: “Bong Go asking again what we’ve done for our country. That tired old question. So maybe we should ask him another tired old question, ‘Who’s in public service? Who ran for public office?’ I’m sick of that question. Can’t he ask something smarter?”

@nuelleduterte called Go a “little minion.”

@MrFrankBaraan wanted to ask Go instead: “Is serving a tyrant, who promotes a culture of violence, creates a climate of fear, & kills his own [people], [considered] service to [the] country?”

@MaricirsDec09, however, thinks Go’s question is valid. “That only shows that they’re guilty. There are few of them (critics). Majority of [F]ilipinos do believe (sic) under the leadership of President Duterte.”

Go has long been rumored to have plans for running for senator in 2019, which he refuses to confirm. That didn’t stop rap group Ex-Battalion however from releasing a promotional jingle that called Go “hardworking, simple, and humble.”

Cellphones bearing his image and name have also been distributed at a function for youth leaders in Malacañang Palace. Go, however, denied having anything to do with their distribution

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