Dycode Holds First iOS 6 Training Event in Asia


Only three days after the worldwide announcement of the iPhone 5, software developer Dycode [1] together with Indonesian Apple news blog MakeMac [2] as a media partner, held Asia’s first ever iOS 6 training event in Bandung, Indonesia. The event was called “Early Adopting iOS 6: Go home with your own iOS 6 app.” Interestingly, out of 35 participants, most of them came from outside Bandung, according to Kuswanto from MakeMac.

The participants were taught about Objective-C, and the discussion then went on to talk about the new maps API, social.framework, passKit.framework, reminders, camera API, UI state reservation, collection view, auto layout, and in-app hosted content. In the end, the participants went to build their own Twitter client with new iOS 6 features.

There are plans to follow-up this event by holding regular five-day intensive iOS trainings events in the near future. They are going to use Stanford University’s syllabus as a guide for the basic training material. Kuswanto says that they’re still working out the details at the moment.

We previously mentioned the new iOS 6 features and their availability here in Asia, which you can check out here.

We still don’t know when the newest iPhone 5 will arrive in Indonesia, but there are ways you can get them faster.

  1. The article was updated to clarify that MakeMac was the media partner and Dycode held the training. We apologize for the error.  ↩

  2. Editor’s note (Rick Martin): In the interest of full disclosure, we’d like to note that MakeMac was invested in by East Ventures, a company that has also invested in TechInAsia. See our ethics statement for more information. Speaking personally, as a Mac geek I’m happy to see other bloggers in the region who are as enthusiastic about their Macs as most of our team is.  ↩

[Source: MakeMac]