An Eagle-Eyed 'NCIS: NOLA' Fan Spotted a Wild Detail We've Never Noticed Before

Erin Cavoto
Photo credit: Sam Lothridge - CBS

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  • NCIS: New Orleans's Rob Kerkovich and Vanessa Ferlito have a strong bond on-screen—and it looks the actors do off-screen, too.
  • A fan spotted a funny secret photo of Vanessa taped to Rob's desk on set, and it's the greatest thing we've seen all day.

If you've ever wondered what the cast of NCIS: New Orleans does during their free time on set, it seems like arts and crafts might be the answer.

How, exactly, do we know this? We actually have one eagle-eyed fan to thank after they noticed something was off about Sebastian Lund's computer.

"The scene where Pride and Sebastian are talking in the squad room we get a view of Sebastians computer,I might be totally crazy here,but is there a funny picture of Tammy(with horns, etc.)taped to his screen??" the person wrote on Twitter, tagging actor Rob Kerkovich.

The real-life version of the forensic scientist happened to see the post, and not only confirmed the suspicions, but also provided a closer look at the photo in question.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Rob wrote. “Nor do I have any idea what lanky, bespectacled person made it out of sheer boredom one day.”

With the help of a magnifying glass (very on-brand for the crime drama, might we add), he unveiled the headshot in question. It's of Tammy Gregorio (Vanessa Ferlito), and scribbled under her nose is a black mustache which is accompanied by two tiny pink horns sticking out of her hair.

Rest assured, this isn't some kind of mean-spirited prank. It's on-brand for the duo, whose TV friendship was taken to the next level when the characters became roommates. Perhaps the horns were a result of someone forgetting to take out the garbage...

While we haven't heard what she thinks about all this, we're sure she probably had a laugh—and is preparing for retaliation.

Either way, we love the behind-the-scenes look and the added layer of depth to the NCIS: NOLA universe. We’re sure to see more of the pair on our screens now that the series is back from its long winter hiatus.

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