Early media voting allowed for May polls

Kim Arveen Patria
Kim Arveen Patria
Yahoo! Southeast Asia Newsroom

Media practitioners covering the 2013 elections got Valentine's Day presents as the poll body announced that they will be allowed to vote in advance.

The Commission on Elections on Feb. 13 promulgated Resolution 9637 or the rules and regulations on Local Absentee Voting, its Chairman Sixto Brillantes said in his Twitter account Thursday.

The resolution "gives different poll workers assigned in places other than their places of registration an opportunity to vote in advance," Brillantes said in a separate Tweet.

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Local Absentee Voting applies to government officials and employees, members of the police and the armed forces and media practioners.

"For media/media practitioners, this is the first time that Comelec will be allowing them to join the local absentee voting," Brillantes said further.

Advanced voting is scheduled on April 28, 29 and 30, the poll chief said.

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Voters who wish to avail of Local Absentee Voting, however, should apply for such privilege through assigned offices, Comelec spokesman James Jimenez said in a separate Tweet.

Government officials and members of the police and armed forces, accomplished application forms should be submitted to heads of office, supervisors or commanders not later than March 15, 2013.

As for media practioners, a March 31, 2013 deadline will be followed, with forms to be submitted to city election officers, provincial election officers or regional election directors, as applicable.