Guide to Computing Your Meralco Bill and Electricity Consumption

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How to Compute Meralco Bill | Moneymax
How to Compute Meralco Bill | Moneymax

Don’t you just hate getting shocked by how much your electricity bill has increased compared to previous months? Especially now that you’re mostly at home, your electric consumption is probably higher than before.

If you hate surprises like that, then you have to prepare yourself and your budget for what’s to come. Before your next Meralco bill arrives, know how to compute your electric consumption for the month.

Another benefit of knowing how to compute Meralco bill is it enables you to determine which of your appliances and devices consume too much electricity. In doing so, you can adjust how you use these power-hungry devices to lower your monthly electric bill.

Here’s a simple guide to computing your monthly electric consumption.

Learn How to Read Your Electric Meter

how to read electric meter
how to read electric meter

Your electric meter plays a critical role on learning how to compute Meralco bill. Meralco uses your meter readings for the past month and present month to determine your total electricity usage in kilowatt per hour (kWh), which is the basis for computing your monthly bill.

Why bother reading your meter yourself? Even if Meralco has trained meter readers who can do the job accurately, being able to read your electric meter lets you keep track of your power consumption to ensure that your household isn’t consuming too much electricity.

If your electric meter has a small digital screen display, finding out your electricity consumption is pretty simple and straightforward. Just read the numbers from left to right.

You have an electromechanical meter if it has four dials instead of a digital numerical display. It looks more complicated than a digital meter because its dials move in opposite directions (two moving clockwise and the other two moving counter-clockwise). But it’s actually easy to read. Simply take note of the number that each dial is pointing at, beginning from the rightmost dial to the leftmost dial.

Record your reading this month and subtract it from your reading for the following month. The resulting kWh may not match the actual kWh reflected on your next Meralco bill (as Meralco’s meter reading date may be different from yours), but it at least gives you an estimate of your monthly power consumption.

How to Compute Meralco Bill

Many different factors affect electricity prices, and they change from time to time. Also, the monthly bill consists of several electricity charges[1] that Meralco calculates using various percentages. A Meralco bill might be too complicated for an average consumer to comprehend.

So if you’re trying to figure out how to compute Meralco bill, know that it’s impossible to do on your own. You won’t know in advance the exact amount to pay for a particular month until your bill arrives.

However, if you’re aiming to save on your electric bill, you can compute the cost of using each appliance and electronic device in your home.

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How to Compute Electric Consumption in the Philippines

how to compute electric consumption philippines
how to compute electric consumption philippines

Manual Computation

Follow these steps to manually estimate the electricity consumption of a specific device:

  1. Get your device’s wattage. Find this information at the bottom or back of the device, or in the owner’s manual. You may also try searching the device’s technical specs online.

  2. Compute the watts the device consumes daily. Multiply the wattage by the average number of hours the device is used per day. Let’s say you use a 100-watt electric fan for 10 hours per day. Multiplying 100 watts by 10 hours will result in 1,000 watt-hours—that’s how much your electric fan consumes in a day.

  3. Convert watt-hours to kilowatts. Divide the device’s watt-hours by 1,000 to convert it to kilowatts, which is the unit of measurement used in a Meralco bill. In the example above, 1,000 watt-hours divided by 1,000 is equal to 1 kWh consumption per day.

  4. Compute the device’s monthly power consumption. Multiply your device’s daily kWh by 30 days to determine how much it consumes per month. The monthly usage for an electric fan consuming 1 kWh daily is 30 kWh.

List down the monthly electricity usage of your appliances and devices and rank them from highest to lowest. This will let you know which ones consume the most electricity and should be used less and unplugged more often.

By Using the Meralco Calculator

The formula discussed above is a just simplified approach to estimating your monthly electricity consumption. If you want to know the cost of using your home appliances and devices, use an online calculator that will compute it for you. You may use either the Meralco Appliance Calculator or Wattmatters Calculator.

How to Use Meralco Appliance Calculator

how to compute meralco bill - meralco calculator
how to compute meralco bill - meralco calculator

The best way to compute electric consumption is to use the Meralco calculator, which is currently available on the Meralco Mobile app[2] only.

You may access the Meralco Appliance Calculator without having to register for an account or logging in (if you already have an account).

After installing the Meralco mobile app, you can start computing the electricity cost of your appliances. Here’s how:

  1. Tap on the Appliance Calculator icon.

  2. Enter your average monthly bill amount. Just estimate the average based on your latest Meralco billing statements.

  3. Pick an appliance from the drop-down menu. Tap the Set button. The app will show you the appliance’s wattage.

  4. Choose the number of hours you use the appliance in a day. Select also the number of days in a week and weeks in a month the appliance is used.

  5. Tap the Calculate button. You’ll see the electricity cost per hour, day, week, and month of your appliance.

Using the Meralco Mobile app, you can compute only for one appliance at a time. You have to repeat the entire procedure if you want to compute your electricity cost for other appliances.

By Using the Wattmatters Calculator

how to compute meralco bill - wattmeters calculator
how to compute meralco bill - wattmeters calculator

A project by the Department of Energy that promotes energy efficiency, has an online consumption calculator that lets you find out how much each of your appliance contributes to your monthly Meralco bill.

Unlike the Meralco Appliance Calculator, the Wattmatter Calculator allows computing for two or more appliances simultaneously to get your total monthly bill.

Here are the steps to compute your Meralco bill using the Wattmatters calculator:

  1. Go to Wattmatter’s Consumption Calculator page[3].

  2. Click the Calculate Now button.

  3. Select an appliance and the brand and model you have at home.

  4. Choose the number of hours you use the appliance per day.

  5. Enter your city or town.

  6. Click the Search icon. The system will show the electricity price per kWh for the appliance.

  7. Click the Calculate button to see the electricity cost of the appliance per day.

  8. Keep adding other appliances to the Meralco bill computation by repeating all the previous steps per appliance.

  9. When you’re done adding all your appliances, check your monthly bill at the bottom of the table.

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How to File a Complaint for Meralco Bill

Do you have concerns about your Meralco bill? Is your electric bill way higher than last month’s? For such concerns, you can contact Meralco through the following:

  • Residential Hotline: 16211

  • Business Hotline: 16210

  • Email:

You can also use the Meralco Mobile app and the Meralco Online website to file a complaint. Just head to the Contact Us page for both the app and website.

Final Thoughts

Just like paying for your Meralco bill, computing it in advance can be somewhat painful but necessary to ensure that your household electricity consumption is under control. This also helps you save money on your next bill. Hope this guide on how to compute Meralco bill helps you out.

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