‘Eat Bulaga!’ Franchise In Singapore, Malaysia?

MANILA, Philippines - The success of the Indonesian franchise of "Eat Bulaga!" could result to a domino effect as other Asian countries seem to be interested in jumping on the bandwagon.

Politician-host Senator Tito Sotto has revealed on "Unang Hirit" on Aug 31 that there have been talks with other Asian countries to have their own version of the show. The same report said these may include Singapore and Malaysia.

"May mga talks with other Asian countries kasi it appeals to the Asian culture," revealed Sotto.

He cited the "Eat Bulaga" segments "Juan For All, All For Juan" and "Pinoy Henyo" as most relatable to other Asian cultures due to their novelty.

"'Yung 'Juan For All, All For Juan' project is 'yung kinokolekta mo na yung basura ng mga kababayan natin at kumikita pa sila 'di ba?

"At tsaka nage-enjoy pa sila, nae-entertain pa sila," he said.

Last July 16, "Eat Bulaga-Indonesia" under the Surya Citra Televisi (SCTV) aired its pilot episode and it has been making waves since.

Similar to the original "EB," the Indonesian version is filled with entertainment, games, prizes, and inspiration. Segments were patterned after the local version, such as "Indonesia Pintar" ("Pinoy Henyo"), "Juan For All, All For Juan," "Bolagaan," and "Karaoke Stud." One of the original show's core hosts, "Bossing" Vic Sotto, also has his Indonesian counterpart: Uya Kuya, who is called "Boss Uya."

Even the "DaBarkads"-the collective term for the "EB" hosts-has an equivalent in the Indonesian show, and it's called "bulagang." More, the Indonesian hosts are joined by a Pinoy presenter in the person of Pangasinense and University of the Philippines-Baguio alumnus Leo Consul.

Proving that the ties between the two shows are strong and that they have imbibed the same sense of civic responsibility displayed by "EB" for years now, "Eat Bulaga-Indonesia" hosts Uya Kuya and Rian Ibram offered help to Filipinos when a strong monsoon left the country devastated some weeks ago.

The comedic duo even personally brought the relief goods to the show, a gesture which, Bossing found highly commendable.