Eddiegul fathers bill seeking to turn Carcar into heritage zone

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LEGISLATION to designate Carcar City in southern Cebu as a cultural and heritage zone was approved on first reading at the Senate committee level.

In a statement, Cebu First District Rep. Eduardo “Eddiegul” Gullas announced that his House Bill (HB) 5644 passed the first test during a hearing with the Senate committee on basic education and culture on Wednesday, July 22, 2020.

Filed a year ago, HB 5644 aims to create a cultural zone in the City of Carcar.

Even if he was not able to physically attend the Senate committee hearings in Manila, Gullas was still able to participate in the deliberations through teleconferences.

The veteran legislator said should HB 5644 pass into law, Carcar City’s streets, parks, monuments, buildings and even natural bodies of water will be preserved and protected, and these will be considered as valuable parts of Philippine history.

“Carcar is home to old-fashioned buildings and other monuments that are reminiscent of the architectural creations of the country’s colonial past, and it would be a waste to just allow them to disappear because of urbanization,” Gullas said.

The Gullas bill, if passed into law, will also allow national government agencies such as the Department of Tourism to prioritize development in Carcar City for the purpose of attracting tourists. (JKV from PR)