Editorial: Fatally random

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SEEMS like the current response is slightly behind the rate of transmission.

“This is alarming because we already have a backlog in the extraction of patients,” said Emergency Operations Center (EOC) deputy chief implementer and Cebu City Councilor Joel Garganera.

Cebu City will add four ambulances to the five that have been scrambling in the new spike. Moving patients from their homes to the isolation centers has been slow and “alarming.”

This week, the schools in Barangays Pardo, City Central and Guadalupe will be reopened as barangay isolation centers (BIC). Last month, the schools in Barangays Zapatera, Mabolo and Labangon were also reopened to prevent home quarantine and isolate infected individuals. The EOC eyes more schools to widen preparation. It had coordinated with the Department of Education Cebu City Division, which will come up with a list of schools to be used as BICs.

“It’s better to be prepared, just in case the cases will continue to increase,” Garganera said.

Between Jan. 23 to Feb. 3, the case count doubled from 845 to 1,738. “In just seven days until Feb. 2, active cases increased by 627, almost double the 336 additional active cases recorded in the previous seven-day period from Jan. 20 to 26,” a SunStar Cebu report said. We breached the 1,000 mark on Jan. 27. At the end of January 2020, that was when we logged the first Covid cases, a couple that flew in from Wuhan, China.

The Philippines has had over 10,000 Covid deaths already, while a sector still believes the pandemic is no truer than flu or dengue. That this health crisis has become perfect excuse to extract money from the vulnerable by sweepingly linking just about every bit of body discomforts to Covid-19. To milk public health funds for selfish interests.

While it is true that a large majority of those that the virus hit survived and some even made it unscathed, there is also the mad randomness of deaths that sweeps through the population. It’s like death running amok with a scythe.

Worse, its variants and mutations have pretty much developed their own intelligence to outsmart the defense systems of younger patients and have learned to keep themselves light and latch easily on people.

So we now have the second wave, and most certainly, another round of random deaths. How hard is it for people to fully comprehend the idiosyncrasies and randomness of this virus?