Editorial: Second booster shot

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Experts have said that receiving a second booster shot against coronavirus disease (Covid-19) can enhance protection against the virus that keeps on mutating and causing breakthrough infections.

Philippine health authorities have recommended the second booster shot for the elderly people who are over 60, immunocompromised individuals and healthcare workers. The rollout for the second booster started in April.

In Central Visayas, at least 1,470 individuals have received their second booster shot against Covid-19 so far. This number could indicate the lukewarm state of people who have already received their first booster. These boostered people, especially the ones who are at high risk of contracting the virus, could be thinking they don’t need an additional dose as the first booster would suffice.

The Department of Health Central Visayas’ data showed 656,624 individuals from different sub-group categories who have received their first booster; however, its data did not show the number of individuals eligible for the second booster dose.

Eligible individuals who are not keen on getting their second booster could be looking at the present number of active Covid-19 cases which is still relatively low.

Low numbers must not lure people into thinking that the pandemic is about to end. Getting vaccinated is the best protection against the ever-evolving coronavirus, apart from wearing masks and observing social distancing.

If the elderly and ill people do not embrace the second booster dose, it is high time for the National Government to consider rolling it out to other sub-group categories, including the working people in the economic sector. They also need an additional booster dose.

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