Egyptian saves rent by turning bus into tiny home

This woman turned a bus into a mobile tiny home

Location: Cairo, Egypt

Yara Shalabi wanted to save on rent and start her retirement project early

So she bought a decommissioned bus and got renovating


“I love driving and exploring natural spaces around us, and for financial reasons, I realized that I didn't have to wait until I was 60 or 70 to fulfill this dream. I could start now, I could stop paying the rent that has been draining me for years and finally live in the place I'd always dreamed of living in when I grew up. I can now use the money that I was paying in rent as installments on a house for the next three-four years, and then buy my own place, and solve this rent problem."

She plans on using the bus both as a permanent home

and as transport and lodging for trips into Egypt's deserts