Elderly woman breaks down in tears after staring at empty Coles shelves

Brooke Rolfe
News Reporter
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    The elderly need to be looked after during this time to make certain they have & get what they need. I care for my elderly mother so I do all the shopping but not many elderly folks have anyone looking after them or helping them during this time. I find it difficult myself trying to find what we need so I can not imagine an elderly person trying to shop right now. We all need to stop the apathy towards the elderly and each other right now and come together and lend each other and especially the elderly a helping hand. If you have an elderly neighbor or family member give them a phone call and have them write up a grocery list and do their shopping for them. You'll be helping them get what they need and keep them safe and healthy by allowing them to stay safe at home. We need to be there for each other at a time like this not neglect or turn on one another.
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    Describing the panic-buying in the U.S., a Walmart executive stated it's "like having Black Friday every single day." That's accurate, considering the Walmart closest to me can't restock fast enough. I waited (in my car) while a hundred or so people stood outside for the store to open at 7 AM the other day. Everyone flooded to the bread section, which wasn't stocked. The fifty or so loaves (limit of one per person) were snatched up. No frozen meat. No beans. Hardly any canned anything. No dish soap, Lysol. There was a W.M. employee practically barricaded in the toilet paper aisle. She took everyone's order, limiting it to one package per person. Stocking up is understandable, but we don't need to go overboard. I couldn't imagine being alone and elderly and feeling left out or too slow while everybody is whipping around and grabbing everything up.
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    Jim S
    My wife and I are elderly and we live in the United States. Our stores look like the one in the picture. I went to the store to try to get milk and eggs on the first day or our quarantine. The store was so empty that the only thing I could find was one single box of graham crackers. At least my son lives close to us and he makes sure we get food. When his family cook dinner, they bring us each a plate of food and leaves it on our front porch. We are so thankful for him. I feel so sorry for this woman. How could young people be so cruel as to rush past old people so they can get everything. The world seems to have missed the boat when it came to teaching our children empathy. I'm thankful my children are not like that. I thought all young people would walk up to the plate in helping the elderly. My wife and I taught our children and our grandchildren to show empathy to the old and the sick. When we were ever waiting for a table in a restaurant, I taught the young in my family to stand up and offer their seats to the elderly. It's paying off now because my family makes sure we and their elderly neighbors are ok.
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    I am finally seeing the panic buying slow down. There is so much you can buy. The supermarkets are going to be open if a city gets shutdown. There is no food shortage, however there is a stock shortage if people shop like there is. I saw a picture of a woman buying a shopping cart of milk.. Who needs 10 gallons of milk and where are you going to put it? Because of this panic shopping I have found that I don't have to look at the dates of the milk I buy, it is daily fresh at this point. A lot of stores are now putting out a no return policy on a lot these panic purchase items ..
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    Stores here are opening for the elderly only for the first hour, hour+, so that they have a chance at freshly stocked shelves. Stores should also keep a minimal of staples on hand in back just in case they can't get there at the early hour or at least offer delivery to them in case they can't get out. Our elderly are the backbone of what this country is, they raised us, fed us, took care of us, worked their behinds off to provide for us...it's our turn to do for them! Please, check on your neighbors, slip a note under their door and leave your number so they can call you if they need help. And if YOU can find items at the stire, pick a just a few extra items, doesn't need to be an extraordinary amount, just enough to help feed them, and maybe a few friends of yours could do the same? A lot of elderly are alone in this world, their spouses have passed and their kids are living far away. If they need some eggs or a can of soup or a loaf of bread...and I know we are all struggling, but, a few extra items to help feed them will not break you any more. There's a dollar store here where EVERYTHING actually IS a dollar, sometimes even less, and they sell lots if overstock food staples, 5 bucks can go a long way here. This just breaks my heart to see...
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    The really sad thing that there's no reason to be doing this panic buying. The stores need to start limiting the number of all items a customer can buy. There's just no sense to this.
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    Even when stores put limits on things, people bring their children, friends and family, and get them to buy stuff behind them. The other day I was at the grocery store checking out. The lady behind me put her 3 kids in line and had them purchase extra paper towels, as there was a limit. People always find ways around rules put into place. They don't think about the people behind them.
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    It's understandable to keep a couple weeks worth of extra food and other things around but there is no reason to buy every bit you can get your hands o
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    This image also sadly tells how very disconnected folks are from their elderly parents and grandparents... I thank God my Mom is still alive and that most of my siblings look after her...
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    I had to go to 4 different stores to find what I wanted and only 1 store had the common sense to limit certain items.