Elderly driver knocked down delivery rider who wanted to photograph him

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(PHOTO: Google Street View)
(PHOTO: Google Street View)

SINGAPORE — A food deliveryman who was blocking a road with his car drove into a Grab delivery motorcyclist who wanted to take a picture of his car.

Kong Tong Ngok, 64, caused the 58-year-old victim to fall and fracture his wrist in the June 2020 incident.

Kong was jailed for four weeks on Thursday (27 January) after pleading guilty to one count of causing grievous injury through a rash act. He was also disqualified from driving for one-and-a-half years.

On 9 June, the victim was travelling along Kadayanallur Street outside CPF Maxwell Service Centre when he noticed the road ahead of him was jammed with vehicles. He realised the congestion was due to cars parked by the side of the road.

The opposite lane was clear save for Kong’s car, which was stationary, as he was waiting for a food delivery.

The victim then alighted from his motorcycle intending to ask Kong to move forward and not block the road. He gestured at Kong, who ignored him.

The victim then went in front of Kong’s car to take a photo but Kong drove the car forward. The victim extended his arm in an attempt to protect himself but Kong did not stop. The vehicle came into contact with the victim who fell, landing on his right wrist.

A security officer outside CPF Maxwell Service Centre saw the incident and called the police and an ambulance. The victim sought medical help and was found to have a wrist fracture.

Kong’s lawyer Tang Gee Ni said that his client was a divorcee who was on assignment at the time of the offences. Kong is now unemployed due to numerous health conditions, including epileptic seizures and frequent fainting.

In addition to the driving ban imposed by the court, Kong's medical issues mean that he is now unable to drive unless he is medically cleared to do so.

During the incident, Kong was waiting to collect food from a nearby eatery. He did not drive off as he thought his food would be ready at any moment, said Tang. When Kong saw the victim take a photo, he assumed it would be forwarded to the traffic police and he feared being summoned which he could not afford.

Kong thought the victim would step away from the car in time, but his judgement turned out to “erroneous”. He believed that the contact with the victim had been slight or minimal.

His client apologises to the victim, said the lawyer, who sought one to two weeks’ jail against the prosecution’s proposed sentencing of three to four weeks’ jail.

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