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ELECTIONS 2022: Filipinos in Singapore have their say on the election

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A day before the election, Yahoo Philippines talks to voters in Singapore.

Video Transcript

- Because democracy in the Philippines is very-- I don't know. It's better, sometimes, we have to [INAUDIBLE], because democracy is good. But some other people, because democracy, they lost the discipline.

Because this is my first time to vote here, I am very excited. I am expecting that the candidate will build the Philippines great again. I hope there is no cheating or whatsoever in this election.

- For me, it's somebody who is not talking about others. So I just don't want to always [INAUDIBLE].

- Well, I think it's always been the economy. So I hope someone will lift the Philippines up from there, because I feel like Philippines has the money. But then I feel like it's mismanaged. So I hope that the president will be able to allocate the resources well and then lift the Philippines up.

- See, we are also in the college level. But we cannot find a job in the Philippines, because the age discrimination. Like me, I'm 42, then I will apply in mall, saleslady, like that. They will not accept me because I am already 42.

- I think so, yeah. I think the new president now is a very strong leader to hold the [INAUDIBLE], and I think same with the old president.

- For me, he is. The person that I vote for president, I think he is qualified. He is very fit for to become the leader of the Philippines.

- The democracy in the Philippines is still strong. You can speak what you want. So the next president should be just like the current president.

- But you [INAUDIBLE] strong leader.

- Yes.

- So in that sense you say the Philippines needs another strong leader?

- Yeah, I think my president I just vote is a strong leader.

- I think, yes, in that sense-- break the rules in that making sure that Filipino people will be able to prosper more.

- We need a leader that can be a radical leader, like the past one, this Mr. [INAUDIBLE]. He did something radical that-- not a lot of people that likes them, what he does. Now maybe the change would come.

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