Electricity, water supply slowly returning in Mandaue

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ESSENTIAL utilities in Mandaue City have slowly been restored almost two weeks since the onslaught of Typhoon Odette (Rai).

Buddy Alain Ybañez, head of the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office, said the supply of power and water in the city, as well as the access roads are slowly heading back to their normal state.

About 31 percent of the city has been reenergized as of Wednesday morning, December 29, according to Visayan Electric Company.

Water supply

With the restoration of power in some areas, Ybañez said residents in some barangays and sitios opted not to get water from the City’s water-rationing since they can already get water from their own taps. Ybañez could not yet give the names of these barangays and sitios Wednesday.

However, some residents who live in areas with restored power supply still experience intermittent water supply.

Traffic lights

Also, almost half of the traffic lights and closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras installed in the city are currently functional due to the restoration of power.

Ybañez recalled that they had a difficult time monitoring the traffic flow, particularly when there were road incidents after Odette. Traffic enforcers’ lives became easier when their communication equipment connected to the Command Center became operational again starting Tuesday, December 28.

With such development, Ybañez said they can now monitor the traffic flow at the Command Center where they can advise drivers of emergency vehicles such as ambulances and firetrucks which roads to take during emergency situations.

Ybañez said around 90 percent of all roads in the city are now accessible, citing that only few debris or fallen trees remain along the roads.

Barangay and Visayan Electric personnel helped the City Government in clearing the roads.

Ybañez, however, noted that garbage is the City’s perennial problem, saying there are residents who throw their waste to the sidewalk or roadside.

He urged Mandaue residents to wait for garbage trucks to arrive in their areas to collect their waste. (MKG)

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