Electronic pop duo Route 83 talks ‘Papercut’ music video; EP out March 6

ROUTE 83 is an electronic pop duo from Cebu City, Philippines composed of music producer / beats maker / guitarist Carlisle Tabanera, and singer / songwriter Reldenn Campanilla. Their music career started May 2018 when they released their first single, “Morning.” Route 83 was active ever since.

With over 10 tracks released in less than two years, Route 83 is known for their future beats and electro pop sound that mixes Cebuano lingo and English lyrics. Notable tracks are “Pagmahay,” “Padayona,” “Alive,” “What (Unsa Man)” and “Save Me.”

In 2019, Route 83 decided to team up with Warner Music Philippines on their latest releases. Route 83 released their music video for the song “Papercut,” and was featured as a MYX Premiere on March 2 through national music channel MYX Philippines.

“We become so blinded when we love someone. At some point when they’ve done us wrong, we subconsciously still defend them in our heads and justify them. ‘Papercut’ is a song talking about how you finally realize not everything is your fault. And that the pain of being left alone fades through time until it only hurts like a papercut,” Reldenn shared.

The duo is set to release their first EP called “it’s getting dark” expected to be available on all music streaming platforms on March 6. This five-track EP includes “Save Me,” “Papercut” and three new tracks namely “Guns,” “Keep Quiet” and “Tamagucci”. “Guns” is a collab track with Philippine’s Hip Hop Royalty, k9 of Dice & k9 while “Tamagucci” is with Trap Melodic Artist from Cagayan De Oro, Soulthrll.

“’it’s getting dark’ tackles so many things that people don’t talk about. Help, regret, mental health, power and struggles. That is the central theme of this EP. Life is a circle and we know how easily we embrace the ups of it but we never really know what to do when we’re at the bottom and it starts to get dark. This collection of songs makes us feel that it is okay to encounter difficult phases in our lives and we should learn to understand and embrace it so we don’t get lost in the dark.” (PR)