Elie Saab releases new haute couture film

Lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab has released a short film showing off his latest haute couture collection. 

Shot behind the scenes at Elie Saab's fashion show of the same name on January 22 this year, "An Ode to Delicateness" offers a sensual yet refined look at the eye-catching details on Saab's couture collection gowns. 

Models from the runway extravaganza, including Franco-Swedish beauty Sigrid Agren, and Dutch-born star Maud Welzen appear in the film (which runs just under 2 minutes) with light glinting off the luxurious, crystal studded creations. 

Something of a red carpet favourite, some of the biggest celebrities including Sandra Bullock, Taylor Swift and Jessica Alba were all spotted in Saab's creations throughout awards season this year. With the upcoming Cannes Film Festival in May we'll expect to see many more of his glamorous gowns. 

View the film at http://youtu.be/9qiBOa7vCcY