Elvin Ng downplays spat with Patrick Lee after their little tit-for-tat

Teng Yong Ping
·Lifestyle Editor
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Singaporean actor Elvin Ng (left) and Taiwanese actor-model Patrick Lee. (Photos: Instagram)
Singaporean actor Elvin Ng (left) and Taiwanese actor-model Patrick Lee. (Photos: Instagram)

SINGAPORE — There's been a little back-and-forth between Singaporean actor Elvin Ng and Taiwanese actor Patrick Lee since Ng spilled a bit of alleged tea about the latter during Channel 8 talk show The Inner Circle last week.

Each episode of the show, hosted by Guo Liang, features a celebrity who has been awarded All-Time Favourite Artiste at the Star Awards, an honour that has only gone to 21 stars so far.

Ng had said that he had been bullied by a Taiwanese actor while on set in Kuala Lumpur. According to him, the actor was not pleased at being a supporting actor while Ng was the main star, and attempted to sabotage Ng on set by distracting him. On the last day of filming, Ng even yelled at him and complained to the producer about the actor's disrespectful behaviour.

Ng didn't name this actor, but fans put two and two together and figured out that the drama he was talking about was the 2018 Mediacorp drama Gifted, and the actor in question, Patrick Lee.

Lee is also a model and bodybuilder and has appeared in Taiwanese dramas such as Just For You and Love SOS.

On Saturday, Lee clapped back at Ng on his social media. He wrote in Chinese, also without naming any names, "A Taiwanese, all alone in a place that is full of Singaporeans… bullying a Singaporean? Where is the logic in that? If you were that Taiwanese person, would you do that?"

Lee signed off his post saying, "Congratulations on you getting a little more famous."

Ng appeared to make an attempt to defuse the tension in an Instagram post on Sunday, writing: "It doesn't matter, it just came out in casual chatter; and if it mattered, it wouldn't have taken a couple of years. Not a thing, just some straight-speaking-say-it-as-it-is picked up by the wind, gained some speed, and then also gone with the wind. Live and let live, there are bigger things."

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