Ely Buendia pleads ‘let Mali live in harmony’

[caption id="attachment_77713" align="alignright" width="200"] Ely Buendia's first appeal in May 2013[/caption] Ely Buendia has reiterated the call for the transfer of elephant Mali to a sanctuary. “I am urging my fans to raise their voices to help free Mali,” said Ely in a press statement sent by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Asia to GMA News, including a photo which says “Let Mali Live in Harmony.” Noting that Manila Zoo’s lone elephant “has been lonely for more than 36 years,” the 43-year-old musician thinks that “a sanctuary can give her (Mali) the kind of life that she needs and deserves.” “If you can’t imagine how that feels, just try to remember what you were doing in 1979. That’s the last time Mali saw another elephant,” Ely added. The frontman of “Pupil” and “Oktaves” hopes that “people will join me in calling for Mali’s transfer to a sanctuary where she can finally be free to act like an elephant and engage in the behavior that comes naturally to her.” A sanctuary in Thailand has agreed to take in the “ailing and solitary” Mali, according to PETA, but she still is in the local zoo. PETA explained that “in a sanctuary, she would have hectares of land in which to roam, rivers and ponds to bathe in, and the crucial company of other elephants.” Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada stated a few days prior to Ely’s statement that Mali will be given two companions courtesy of the Sri Lankan government. He added in a report on ABS-CBN News.com that foreign benefactors have agreed to fund the zoo’s renovation into a world-class animal facility.