'Emmerdale' spoilers 16-20 March, 2020: Alarm bells for Marlon

The title card for ITV soap Emmerdale. (ITV)

Andrea is a woman on a mission in Emmerdale next week, while Paddy makes a huge mistake when he leaves baby Eve sleeping in the car on the ITV soap.

Here’s what you can expect from the dales from Monday, 16 March, 2020.

Things get nasty between Andrea and Kim

Andrea Tate [ANNA NIGHTGALE] plays dirty as she sets up a camera to trap Kim Tate [CLAIRE KING]. (ITV Plc)

Andrea ups the ante in her feud with Kim as she installs cameras to trap her. Andrea pulls out all the stops and puts on the performance of a lifetime as she tries to get Kim to confess to conspiring to kill Graham. Before long she’s feeling smug with triumph, but is her excitement premature?

Jamie tells Kim to stay away

Jamie Tate [ALEXANDER LINCOLN] returns to Home Farm and chides Kim Tate [CLAIRE KING] for what she's done to Andrea and Belle. (ITV Plc)

Andrea reveals everything to Jamie and urges him to cut Kim out of his life. He’s confused but heads to Home Farm where he chides Kim for what she’s done to Andrea and Belle, before telling her to keep away from him and his family.

With Kim out of the picture, Andrea is hopeful that she can sort things between her and Jamie, leaving Belle heartbroken.

Marlon has a health scare

Alarm bells ring for Paddy Kirk [DOMINIC BRUNT] is when Marlon Dingle [MARK CHARNOCK] reveals the extent of the pain and Paddy thinks he might be having a heart attack. (ITV Plc)

Everyone is worried about Marlon and his anxiety continues to get worse. When the police arrive at his house, he’s absolutely confused by panic.

When they leave, Paddy suggests a drive with baby Eve, but soon Marlon starts experiencing a dull ache in his arm. Alarm bells start ringing for Paddy and he believes Marlon could be having a heart attack. He heads for the hospital. Is Marlon ok?

Paddy does the unthinkable

Paddy follows them but unwittingly leaves Eve in her car seat. (ITV Plc)

When Marlon has a health scare, Paddy drives him to the hospital, terrified his friend is having a heart attack. As two paramedics rush to help Marlon, Paddy follows, unwittingly leaving baby Eve asleep n her car seat. Later, Paddy is gripped with fear when he realises what he’s done. He races back to the car and is horrified when he discovers Eve is missing.

Victoria asks Moira a big question

Moira Dingle [NATALIE J ROBB] is made up when Victoria Sugden [ISOBEL HODGINS] asks her to be Harry' godfather. (ITV Plc)

The relationship between Moira and former daughter-in-law Victoria has always been complicated. But since Vic confessed to Moira that she was pregnant following her rape and intended to keep the baby, they have become close again. Next week Victoria cements their bond by asking Moira to be godmother to baby Harry.

Belle makes a move on Ellis

After spotting Jamie and Andrea together in the pub, Belle is disappointed to see they’ve patched things up. Later, Ellis is thrown, but delighted when Belle plants a kiss on him and suggests they go back to hers. She leads him upstairs, keen to put the memory of Jamie behind her.

Ellis [AARON ANTHONY] is thrown, but chuffed as Belle Dingle [EDEN TAYLOR-DRAPER] plants a kiss on him and suggests they 'go back to her place'. (ITV Plc)

Emmerdale continues at 7pm tonight on ITV.