Empowered women at JG Summit

Jenara Regis-Newman

LARLENE G. Tongco, general manager of hotel Summit Galleria Cebu, is married to Jeremy Paul Tongco who belongs to a family of hoteliers with strength in the food and beverage sector. She is from Negros Occidental and came to Cebu after graduating with a hotel and restaurant management degree to work at Shangrila’s Mactan Island Resort and Spa. There, she had a strong training foundation in hotel work, starting in food and beverage service to different facets of hotel work like housekeeping, front office and executive office.

She continued her hotel career in Crimson Mactan Resort and Spa here she was front office manager and director of rooms, while also assisting the operations of Crimson and Quest properties and properties of Chroma Hospitality.

As general manager of Summit, she has been instrumental in elevating the service quality of the hotel. Well known for her exceptional leadership ability in helping fellow hotel workers to advance in their careers, she helps them bring out their best on a daily basis.

“I am very excited to elevate the products and bring in new amenities and signature services to provide our guests ‘enriching moments’ every time they visit Summit Galleria Cebu,” Arlene said. “If you want to go shopping, there’s shopping. If you want good food, there are plenty of restaurants.” Summit Galleria Cebu is within the Robinsons Galleria Cebu shopping complex. The hotel has a swimming pool, spa and fitness facilities, and an art gallery. All Summit hotels have an art gallery.

Arlene enjoys meeting and interacting with people and hotel work gives her the chance to do this. “We have to learn their culture,” she said. She has learned basic Japanese and basic Korean, and with the influx of the Chinese market, she know she will have to learn basic Chinese, too.

Asked how she copes with stress, she replies that she goes shopping for clothes, jewelry, bags—fashion accouterments that are part of her persona as a hotel manager. With her at the helm, Summit Galleria Cebu is in good hands.

Floramie Adolfo and Arlene Tongco are two empowered women who have found their niche in their respective jobs at the JG Summit Holdings companies they are in: Two women who are happy, contented and fulfilled.