It's the End of the World as We Know It

Photos by Everywhere We Shoot
Make-up by Czari Nolasco
Hair by Mark Familara
Styling by Andrea Sebastian

Shot at Pioneer Studios
Most items used for the shoot are the stylist's and models' own. Except the awesome leather skirt that Saab is wearing for the cover of the magazine which is by Proudrace.
Read about the boys who run the successful brand here.

We're half-way through 2012, and accustomed as we are to doomsday prophesies, we still get a kick out of talking about how it'll happen, how we'd want to die, and what we'd do if we could survive. Here's what's resident bloggers Mikael Daez and Saab Magalona had to say on the subject:

Where do you want to be in the Philippines when the end of the world happens?

M: One option is Boracay, because I love the beach and Boracay’s gorgeous. So I’d be there with my friends; we’d hijack a plane and just be drinking some jagerbombs. Ugh, sarap ng ganun diba? So we’d be there partying and when the big wave comes, we’d be like “yeah!” cos we’d be drunk na. At least patay kung patay na diba.

S: That’s your end of the world scenario? That’s so lame!

M: Wait wait wait kasi. The other side would be either Palawan or Amanpulo, basta kailangan beach. With my future wife. *laughs*

S: Maybe in our home in Antipolo, because it’s up in the mountains. If the world ends with some big tsunami or tidal wave, I have better chances of surviving there.

What would you choose as your last meal? Or what would you stock up on if you could survive?

M: If I’m drunk, walang tatalo sa Chori burger. If I weren’t drunk and I’m on the beach in Palawan or Amanpulo, okay na ako sa halo-halo.

S: I would take care of a hen, because I love eggs. I’d stock up on Big Macs, because you don’t have to freeze those or anything. For a last meal I’d want a banana split from Pancake House.

If you could get away with it, what would you loot?

M: I assume I’m smarter than everyone else and that I’d survive the end of the world, which won’t really be the end of the world, so I’d go to the Apple store and take all the Macs; sila kasi yung mahal. So I’d sell them and then I’d be rich. Rebuild civilization, etc. If I couldn’t loot I’d destroy things, take a sledgehammer kasi di ba it’s therapeutic breaking glass? Dun sa Apple store pa rin! It’s all glass, ang sarap nun dude! And saya nun if the highways were gone and you had a Ferrari or a nice car.

S: Food. Ang corny ba ng answers ko? *laughs* But no, if I did loot anything, I wouldn’t keep any of it for myself.

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If you survived the apocalypse and were given a chance to change your name, what would you change it to?

M: I’d keep Mikael Daez so everyone would know it. Dude, my kids? – the world’s gonna be filled with Daez-es. Everyone’s gonna be Daez. *laughter* I think you’d need some kind of ego for that, though. I don’t think Filipinos really have that kind of ego, and it’s just not me.

S: I’d keep Isabella. There was a Queen Isabella, so yun. Of Europa.

What are the five things you’d miss about the world as it is right now?

M: I would miss my iPhone. I’d miss my food - scrambled eggs and bread are the things I eat every day. And Gold’s Gym.

S: Did you seriously say you’re gonna miss the gym?

M: Man, I love the gym! That’s gym and playing basketball, by the way. And oh, I’d miss my car; I’ll miss my Ford Fiesta, and the Ferrari I’m gonna loot. Low maintenance ako eh, ano pa ba? Ah, I’m gonna miss the NBA of course.

S: I would miss the internet, the local music scene, and books. I would miss beer. I would miss my hair. *laughs*

How about the five things you won't miss?

M: I won’t not miss anything, I love life. *laughs* But if you’re looking for something I hate at this point... I would not miss getting tired at work - that’s a btch. Oh wow, I’ve never really thought about this. I won’t miss having to wake up early for work - I hate waking up early for work. I would not want to deal with deadlines anymore, or Metro Manila traffic ever again. And soccer.

S: I wouldn’t miss ungrateful, inhospitable people. Mga taong walang sense of personal space. Trolls on Twitter. I wouldn’t miss the gym. *laughs* I wouldn’t miss Manila traffic.

Where would you want to go before it happens?

M: Oh I’d wanna go to the top of Everest, and I wanna see the northern lights. Ang dali lang nito. Easter island, and I wanna go to either of the Poles. And I’d wanna go to the Seychelles islands.

S: I would miss Fully Booked on Bonifacio High Street, that’s a place I’d go back to. Another place would be my condo, my room. Japan - I’ve never been there and I really wanna see the cherry blossoms. Hawaii also; it’s one of my honeymoon destinations. And Paris, the city of love. I’ve never been to Palawan, sa El Nido.

What's the one thing you'd want to take with you? Something comforting and personal.

M: A girlfriend, someone to kiss. Okay yun, kissing when the world ends.

S: My boyfriend. Ako, existing eh. *laughs at Mikael* But no, a comfort thing? My journal.

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What would be your one regret?

M: Wala, I’m go lang ng go. I don’t have any major major regrets. I guess I’ll regret not being able to join the NBA.

S: As if they’d take you! *laughs* Hmm. May regrets ako but they’re regrets, I wouldn’t change them. I do wish I had spent more time with my dad.

What are five things you want to accomplish before it happens? The top five on your bucket list.

M: One is I’d want to travel the world, for sure. Two, since the world is ending, I want to try every extreme sport there is from skydiving, bungee jumping, to paragliding and base-jumping. Okay lang ma-decapitate kasi you’ll die rin. I wanna get into a major brawl, as in brawl talaga – all-out sapakan, parang Fight Club. Ah, I wanna hold the Hunger Games tapos kasali ako. Tapos may mga map, Subic map at Pinatubo map, at kailangan may beach map siyempre. *laughs* I wanna go the moon; not a lot of people have so why not? I’d also hold a Death Race.

S: Come out with an album. Come out with my own publication, like an online magazine. Get married, yay! Hint hint, haha. I’d wanna travel and actually explore the Philippines. I’ve never really been anywhere here, just Boracay. I’d wanna bring my pamangkins and little siblings to Disney World. But I’d personally want to go to Universal Studios and go to Harry Potter World. Kasi I’d miss my hair, I’d change it because I’ve never done anything to it.

What's the last song you’d listen to?

M: Jason Derulo’s 2012. Okay din yung kay Avici, Levels. Titanium. Ayoko kasi ng senti.

S: Francis M, Kaleidoscope World.

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