How to enjoy lasagna, 5 ways

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Despite the number of fusion and innovative dishes slowly taking over restaurant menus, there are still places that keep the well-loved classics front and center. There’s the good ol’ lasagna, for one—delicious alternating layers of meaty bolognese, al dente pasta sheets, cheese-herb mix and more cheese bubbling on top. Then there are these five other ways to enjoy this old favorite (we found two in Cebu!):

Lasagna roll-ups

Instead of layering the ingredients, why not make individual servings by placing the filling right on each lasagna sheet before rolling it up? These neat portions hold up better too and you can still use your favorite meat and cheese sauce recipes. (Tip: Banapple’s version uses herbed cream and parmesan-filled noodles and is smothered in tomato meat sauce and mozzarella.)

Lasagna dip

Perfect for parties, this dip is the only hot (melty, meaty, cheesy) mess you need. All the flavors you love in your lasagna are in this dip, just minus the noodles. You can go light by replacing beef with turkey. You can use marinara instead of bolognese for the sauce. And you can most certainly use whatever cheese combination you want instead of sticking to the classic ricotta. Whatever you do, just be sure to finish it off with a generous helping of freshly grated cheese.

Lasagna soup

The ultimate comfort food is made even more comforting by serving it in soup form. This ooey-gooey version has dollops of creamy cheese mix, cut up sheets of lasagne, Italian sausage and an herby tomato-based broth. This has all the goodness of lasagna, sans the hassle of layering and baking. In a way, this is a warm hug in a bowl and in every spoonful.

Taco lasagna

There are no crispy hard shells or tortillas for this Mexican-style lasagna. Instead, you get layers of pasta, seasoned taco meat, salsa and loads of cheese. Topping it off with homemade guacamole or pico de gallo is optional but highly recommended.

Lasagna pocket pies

If you love hand-held pies and lasagna, this hybrid is for you. Herbed cheese, tomato sauce, beef, mozzarella and parm already taste great in between pasta sheets but in a flaky, buttery crust you can take anywhere with you? Now that’s our kind of comfort food. (Tip: Cebulasagna’s pocket pies are stuffed with its “beefiest, cheesiest, creamiest” lasagna filling.) S

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