Enrile camp denies Anido statement

Yahoo! Southeast Asia Newsroom
Cagayan Rep. Jack Enrile (Photo from his Facebook fanpage)

"It’s a fake account.”
This was how the camp of Cagayan Rep. Juan Ponce “Jack” Enrile denied reports that he issued a statement urging his critics to forget about his involvement on the murder of Alfie Anido in 1981.
In a phone interview, one of Enrile’s staff said they never issued a statement asking his critics to stop spreading the “sinister allegations” after 20-year prescriptive period had already lapsed for Anido’s case.
“It’s not ours. We never used Jack Enrile in writing our press releases,” denied one of his staff, who requested anonymity.
Pamsy Tioseco clarified she never wrote nor approved the press release that came from email jackienrile.2013@gmail.com, which used her name and details in sending the statement to the media.
Tioseco, who is asked by the office of Senate President Juan Ponce “Jack” Enrile to help out in Enrile’s campaign, argued it is very easy for anyone to create a fake account using their real contact info.
“Actually, one of the Senate president’s staff received a call today saying that the Senate president had a stroke,” Tioseco told Yahoo! Southeast Asia in a separate interview.
“Some people really wants Jack to pull out from the election. This is obviously a black propaganda. They don’t want him to win because he’s really showing a strong performance in the race,” she added.
In the fake statement, Enrile was quoted as saying that preventing him to be a senator “will not bring Alfie back to life.”
The senatorial hopeful maintains his innocence on the murder, citing details that vary from his father’s version that was published in his memoir last year.
In January, the Senate president insisted his son was not in the scene when authorities found the body of the 21-year old actor inside their home in Bel-Air Village in Makati more than 30 years ago.
But in a separate interview, the Cagayan lawmaker admitted having dinner with re-electionist Senator Gregorio “Gringo” Honasan when rushed to help his sister Katrina Juan Ponce Enrile.
Anido was an up and coming actor when he died from gunshot wounds after a spat with Katrina.