Enrile caught playing 'Bejeweled' at Senate hearing

During a lull in a Senate inquiry on the alleged sex-for-flight scheme on Thursday morning, Senate Minority Leader Juan Ponce Enrile was found busy tinkering with his iPad. Howerver, he was not poring over government documents, nor researching the serious topic at hand.

He was actually playing 'Bejeweled.'

In an interview after the hearing, the 89-year-old senator proudly told reporters that he was already on Level 271 of the popular tile-matching game, and has already earned seven million points.

"Hindi naman bawal iyan. It exercises your mind. Marami riyan. You can even play poker," the senator said.

He admitted that he started to play games on his tablet during the election campaign season earlier this year, while the Senate was in recess.

His apparent predilection for mobile games is in contrast with his apparent confusion over technological terms during last year's impeachment trial.

At the time, he confused the term "Powerpoint presentation" with "Power Presentation" and used the term "diskette" to refer to DVDs.

When asked if he has already tried playing the popular game "Candy Crush," Enrile said, "I don't like eating candies." — TJD, GMA News