EOC: 260 persons may have gotten infected at grocery

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AFTER recording a number of Covid-19 positive individuals who possibly got the disease from supermarkets and delivery services in Cebu City, the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) has reminded operators to intensify their enforcement of the public health protocol.

The EOC met with grocery store operators in Cebu City on Wednesday, March 17, 2021, to revisit the guidelines concerning the health protocol implementation.

City Councilor Joel Garganera, EOC deputy chief implementer, said from March 1 to 17, the EOC recorded 260 individuals with Covid-19 who possibly got the disease from supermarkets or grocery stores.

Garganera said the supermarket and grocery operators were reminded to check and monitor the capacities of their stores.

The EOC also suggested augmenting the number of cashiers to prevent delay in checkouts and avoid a long line of persons inside the establishments.

A crowded place is a super-spreader of Covid-19, which is caused by Sars-CoV-2.

Wearing of masks and face shields inside the stores and other commercial establishments must also be enforced, Garganera told the operators.

The councilor said there is a need to wear the face shield inside grocery stores and supermarkets as these are enclosed areas.

The operators were also reminded to regularly disinfect their establishments.

Also, at least 30 Covid-19 patients in Cebu City possibly got the disease from delivery services.

Garganera encouraged the delivery drivers and customers to avoid face-to-face contact when the order has arrived as a precautionary measure.

The city residents are also encouraged to report to the EOC if there are delivery drivers who fail to follow the health protocol during the delivery.

Cebu City, as of March 18, had total confirmed cases of 20,265 since the pandemic began, according to data from the Department of Health Central Visayas.

Of the 20,265, 16,908 have recovered while 775 have died, leaving 2,582 active cases. (JJL)