EOC: Contact sports may be permitted soon

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ACTING Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama and Emergency Operations Center deputy chief implementer City Councilor Joel Garganera announced on Monday, Nov. 15, 2021 that contact sports such as basketball may be permitted soon.

“We have yet to decide after we receive contingency plans. We want to have a plan wherein we can see an opening. And when it is opened, we want it to be sustainable and maintainable,” Rama said.

According to Garganera, permitting contact sports has to be determined by vaccination percentage.

“We are breaching 53 percent of vaccination rates already. On top of that, we are meeting right now with the different stakeholders, Dondon (City Councilor Donaldo Hontiveros) and I for the sports commission. We have to set proper guidelines because what good would the guidelines do if we do not enforce them well. Barangays, the VOC (vaccination operations center) and EOC will be on board,” Garganera said.

Vaccination call

Garganera is encouraging people to get vaccinated, adding that Cebu City has reached 62 percent for those who got their first dose.

“Imagine if we get those people to have their second dose, we will surely reach our goal of 70 percent for herd immunity,” Garganera said.

Cebu City has been within the World Health Organization threshold for the last 16 days, and as of Monday, Nov. 15, 2021, Cebu City only has only one percent positivity rate.

Contact sports are allowed because looser restrictions apply under Alert Level 2. The restrictions will be applied only on the three Cs—closed or indoor spaces, crowded areas and close contacts.

On Oct. 18, the Inter-Agency Task Force passed Resolution No. 144-D which identified the City of Cebu under Alert Level 2, paving the way for the opening of more businesses and economic activities.

The dates as to when contact sports will be permitted depends on the vaccination rates.

“The city still disallows contact sports because we are mindful that it is almost Christmas. So we will encourage vaccination first. We hear the clamor of the people and we will come up with something to address their concerns,” Garganera said. (CAL)

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