Epic Grizzly Fight Over Elk Carcass in Yellowstone Continues

A disgusting but mesmerizing saga over an elk carcass continued on September 26, as two grizzlies tested each other’s determination to pick at the remains of a bull elk in Yellowstone National Park.

David Angelescu captured the third installment of the dining drama and posted it to YouTube.

The elk was originally taken down on September 18, after a dramatic chase by a hardworking grizzly, who buried the carcass in the sand.

Footage taken eight days later by another videographer showed that the carrion had been dug up and stolen by another bear, also seen guarding it in Angelescu’s footage, on September 26.

Angelescu said he knew about the stolen elk and the grizzly guarding it and decided to head to the location with his camera ready. He told Storyful he was taking photos of the grizzly protecting the carcass when he noticed another bear coming out of the woods from behind.

He said the bear worked its way around the river, “then stealthily stalking in the river, the new grizzly began to slowly test the other grizzly’s determination up until the confrontation.”

The footage shows the grizzly who was protecting the carcass charging down the hill toward the challenger. The other bear manages to get a piece of the elk before heading back into the water and up toward the woods. Credit: David Angelescu via Storyful