Epson strengthens Ink Tank system printer leadership with five improved models

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Newport City Complex, Pasay City, Philippines, 4 September 2012 - Epson, the world’s first, and to date, only major printer maker offering genuine ink tank system printers, has introduced five new models to offer customers more choice in terms of speed and reliability, while continuing to reduce ownership costs with the lowest running cost in the world of any genuine printer branded supplies.
“Our ultra-reliable Micro Piezo print head technology allowed us to create the Epson L-series ink tank system printers to meet our customers’ demands for ultra-low cost and high volume printing,” said Endo Koichi, Managing Director of Epson Southeast Asia and one of the engineers who developed Epson’s Micro Piezo print head. “Even though we are the only branded ink tank system printer makers in the world, we have not stopped listening to our customers; and with the new models, we have met their demands for faster printing speed with increased reliability.”

The new Epson L-series printers were unveiled today during the “Printer Evolution: Exceed Your Expectations” event at the Grand Ballroom of Hotel Marriott Manila at the Newport City Complex, Pasay City. 

Since the introduction of the Epson L-series printers in 2011 in the Philippines (2010 for other Southeast Asian countries), Epson has empowered users to print freely without worrying about running costs, productivity, and warranty issues as the ink tank system printers offered the lowest printing cost using genuine inks, which produced high quality prints. 

Committed to exceed expectations, the Epson L-series were further improved based on customer and market feedback. According to Epson Philippines Corporation (EPC) Head of Product Management Noelle Gonzales, “Aside from delivering the world’s lowest running cost, the new Epson L-series are made even better with faster print speed, easier installation, greater performance, and higher reliability. Most importantly, we have reduced the printer price to make them more affordable for our users. All these factors make them ideal for both corporate and SOHO users.”

The new Epson L-series is a major development in Printers that Epson is Proud to offer to Filipino Customers.

“I am glad that one of my very first projects as the new Country Manager of EPC is the introduction of these new and improved L-series printers for the Filipino customers,” EPC Country Manager Toshimitsu Tanaka said.  “With these and other products we will offer, we hope to continue the double-digit growths in both the printer and projector business that made the Philippines a strong contributor to Epson business goals in the region,” Mr. Tanaka concluded.

The new Epson L-series will be available to Filipino customers starting this month.

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