Erich G. leads tale of truth, vengeance in latest TV series ‘La Vida Lena’

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“Completos recados” is how lead star Erich Gonzales described the new offering of Dreamscape and ABS-CBN Entertainment, “La Vida Lena.” The new TV series boasts not only of dramatic highlights but also of light and funny scenes.

In “La Vida Lena,” Erich plays Magda—described as “the new face of karma”—as she exacts revenge on the people who had maltreated her in the past.

Growing up, Magda has had to endure bullying because of a scar that covers half her face. Despite this, she has remained kind, hardworking and incredibly sweet to her loved ones and friends. With people like her in mind, Lena creates a soap that becomes popular in Salvacion for its ability to smoothen the skin. But instead of fortune, this product will only bring her loss, suffering and cruelty in the hands of the Narcisos, the wealthiest family in the town.

In an online press conference, Erich was joined by leading men JC de Vera, Kit Thompson and Carlo Aquino.

JC portrays, for the first time, a bratty, arrogant character named Adrian Narciso, who falls for Magda.

Kit described his character Miguel as the serious type. However, he shared that while there are scenes with his character that were not meant to be funny, these still give off good vibes.

Carlo’s character Jordan, Magda’s childhood friend, is basically a naughty prankster. He tries to be the fun part in Magda’s life when she feels down.

Coming from her last project, Erich did not rest on her laurels. Erich shared that she focuses on constantly improving her craft and does not mind being compared to other stars who also portray similar characters. She was prepared and ready, and this time, with “La Vida Lena.”

Aside from indulging themselves with food on the set as a way to bond with each other, the four stars also took their time to take care of their physical well-being by exercising when not in front of the camera. For this purpose Kit, Carlo and co-star Raymond Bagatsing brought light exercise equipment to the shoot location. As “La Vida Lena” was shot during the quarantine period, JC and Carlo—both fathers in real life—admitted finding it hard to say goodbye to their children for the lock-in shooting arrangement.

Joining the cast are Janice de Belen, Agot Isidro, Sofia Andres, Christian Vasquez, Pen Medina, Ruby Ruiz, Soliman Cruz, Malou Crisologo, Josh Ivan Morales, Hasna Cabral, Danica Ontengco and Renshi de Guzman.

Follow Magda’s transformation into a vengeful Lena by rescanning any digital TV box at home, such as the TVplus box, to watch fresh episodes of “La Vida Lena” on A2Z and TV5 starting on June 28 at 10 p.m. Its episodes are also available to viewers in and out of the Philippines on iWantTFC, while viewers outside of the Philippines can also catch the show on The Filipino Channel (TFC) on cable and IPTV.

At the helm of the TV series is the triumvirate of Joseph Saguin, Andoy Ranay and Jerry Lopez-Sineneng.

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